Happy New Day

We are wrapping up the year 2019. For me, it has been a tough one. The last 3 years have been tough ones. There have been some great successes, and for those I am truly grateful. However, there have also been some great tragedies. God called home some pretty integral people in my life. They were back to back to back to back blows that oddly strengthen me and provided tremendous revelation about myself, my purpose, and my God like nothing else in this Earth could do.

The thing about such traumas is that as they stack up throughout the year, most look to the new year as an opportunity to leave the hurt behind to move forward toward hope and happiness. I say instead of Happy New Year, everyday we wake we should say Happy New Day. Why do we need to wait until the stroke of midnight on January 1st to accept a release, to receive our healing, or to see hope in our future? We don’t have to. Make the choice to live TODAY. If it wasn’t the best today, then choose to have a happy tomorrow. It is full of the promises of God and they are yours to have. Just decide to have a happy new day.